Singular Lessons I learned From Each of My Teachers

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As I compiled the list of my primary teachers over the years, I realized that irrespective of the length of time I spent with each one (in some cases years, in others just a few weeks), all my teachers had an important impact on my musical life. The essay I hope to write will highlight at least one extremely important lesson I learned from each teacher. I owe much to my teachers, and this in turn has inspired me to teach, coach and advise musicians to whatever extent possible.

Steven’s Teachers


Joachim Chassman
David Abel
Heiichiro Ohyama
Yoko Matsuda


James Dunham
Milton Thomas


Murry Sidlin
Lawrence Christianson
Herbert Blomstedt
Jon Robertson
John Mauceri

Rock Guitar

Phil Woodward
Bruce Buckingham

Jazz Guitar

Pat Kelley
Tom Rizzo

Classical Guitar

James Hunley


Among the many fine professors I’ve studied with, my primary
influences were
Dr. Grosvenor Cooper Dr. Susan McClary