“All Over The Map” – Incomparable Music From Steven Allen Gordon.”

Although all the tracks on the album surpass superb, the highlights include “Suite In D
Minor For Solo Viola (Prelude, J.S. Bach),” “Breaking Point,” “Ballad For Viola and
Piano,” “Prelude In D Major (Prelude, J.S. Back), “Vivo, Con Molto Preciso,” and “Blues

Gordon’s virtuosity and touch on the viola is extraordinary, providing fugitive colors,
moods and textures that blow you away.

All the tracks on All Over The Map impart gorgeous sonic aromas, tonal suggestions and
sonorous nuances tingling with vitality and dynamics. Gordon’s genius and technique
materialize on each piece, while his interpretation imbues each tune with a unique
persona. In short, All Over The Map is superlative.

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Randy Radic, “Huffington Post”

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“Gordon trades off between viola (his lifelong main instrument) and guitar, both steel and nylon string with an astonishing ease. As one would expect he knows the viola inside and out but when he switches over to the six-string, he fully adopts the personality of the instrument, not shying away from bends of the steel string or beautiful ringing harmonics on the nylon.

…Bach’s ‘Suite in D Minor for Solo Viola (Originally for Cello)’ which Gordon tackles with the precision and vigour becoming of a seasoned veteran who has worked with all of contemporary classical’s heavy hitters. What sets this album apart and lifts it out of being simply an exposition of playing studies are the passionately executed guitar sections. The moaning bends on ‘Breaking Point’ juxtaposed with the free-flowing undercurrent make this song a definite highlight.

…Gordon takes Heitor Villa- Lobos’ ‘Prelude in E Minor’ and makes it sing with gorgeous chiming harmonics and an ocean wave like delivery.

this warming, pensive record…may just be the stuff of memories.”

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Jon C. Ireson, “”


“His performances across All Over the Map range from his takes on the evocative and calculating Bach to the very poetic and rhythmic verses of Heitor Villa- Lobos. They’re rich not only in his ability to perform such exacting compositions so precisely, but in what lies between every note in the performer’s own ardor.

Steven Allen Gordon is taking you on a journey with this instrumental record… take his hand and head on this journey with him if you’re looking to be treated to one of classical music’s hidden gems.”

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Jonathan Frahm, “for folk’s sake”


“All Over The Map” is nothing like what you would think from the title. It’s tightly woven and masterful, filling your senses with visions of exquisite classical pieces. His work spans various styles, genres, professions and yet all create a masterful collection.

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