My classical guitar was made in 2004 by Pepe Romero Jr. It is a wonderful instrument.

My viola is a copy of a Giovanni Paolo Maggini viola. It was made in 2002 by an impressive group of contemporary luthiers who participated in the Oberlin Violin Makers Workshop that year. It is a lovely instrument.

I’ve used many different bows, as of now I use an Arcus carbon-fiber bow. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

I play several different electric guitars. I performed “Electric Bach” on a PRS DGT, and I played “Blues Intro” on a John Suhr Custom T. Both electric guitars are among the finest I’ve played.

On “Breaking Point” I used a Taylor 410. It is a true workhorse. Taylor Guitars are among my favorites.

My matched pair of Royer 122v microphones were the only mics used on every track. No other mics were used. They are extraordinary microphones.

The preamps used were Neve (Binary Recording Studio), and Millennia (I brought my Millennia HV-37 to Theta Sound in addition to the Royer mics), and Focusrite (The Peoples Music Recording). All preamps have well-deserved international reputations.

DAWs (recording software) included Samplitude (Theta Sound), Sequoia (Digital Domain, and my own studio) Nuendo (Binary Recording Studio) and Pro Tools ( The Peoples Music Recording Studio). All of these DAWs are excellent.