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“…this warming, pensive record…may just be the stuff of memories.”
Jon C. Ireson, “”

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Welcome to where you’ll find a wide variety of music and ideas.

After many years of studying, performing and contemplating music, I would like to share what I know with music students and music fans of all persuasions.

There’s a lot here. I hope you find something you’ll enjoy.

My new album, All Over the Map – Music for Solo Guitar and Solo Viola, features music for viola (Bach, Ralph Vaughn Williams and William Walton) as well as music for classical guitar (Bach, Villa-Lobos and Tárrega), steel-string acoustic guitar (Laurence Juber), and electric guitar (Bach and Joe Pass).

If you streamed or downloaded any of the tracks on the album, you can read the liner notes here.

For guitarists of all styles, please take a look at my new book on scales Guitar Scales in Three Octaves in all Keys: The New, Logical Path for Scale and Fretboard Knowledge. In it you will find all the major, melodic and harmonic minor scales in three octaves replete with fingerings and written in standard notation as well as tablature. To purchase it, please go here.

I’ve had a long and abiding love for the music of Gustav Mahler, and under articles you’ll find the last chapter of my doctoral dissertation: Mahler as Social Critic: The Finale of the Seventh Symphony.

There’s more to come. I am writing an essay on playing classical guitar without nails. This is a hotly debated topic among guitarists. For the record, I don’t use nails.

I am working on an article in which I will share one significant lesson from each of my many wonderful teachers.

As time goes on you’ll find more recordings, thoughts and links to other like-minded sites.

Please take a look at my studio as you look through the website. This is where I practice, write, listen, teach, compose and produce music.